Immigration Information

All international students in Limkokwing are required to comply with policies implemented by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Here’s everything you need to know.

Immigration Policies

Please read through all the information carefully to minimize delay and other problems that may arise regarding your student pass. Alternatively, you may consult our marketing counsellors or email visa@limkokwing.edu.my for assistance.

Requirements for New International Students:

  • You must have a minimum validity of 18 months (1 ½ year) in your passport in order to enter the country.

Procedure for New International Students:

  • To apply for your student pass, please coordinate and send all the necessary documents to the University's marketing counsellors. They will submit this to the Immigration Department of Malaysia for processing. Please note that the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) processing will take 6 to 8 weeks after you submit your complete set of documents.
  • Once approved by Immigration, you may download your eVAL in EMGS website
  • All new students MUST go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy in origin country to obtain a Single Entry Visa (SEV) before entering to Malaysia. Please refer to this link to check either your country requires the SEV.
  • The VAL is valid for only six (6) months. You should get your Single Entry Visa and come to Malaysia at least one (1) month before your VAL expires.
  • Once you get your Single Entry Visa and have made your travel arrangements, inform the University at least seven (7) working days before leaving your country. Please bring a copy of your VAL.
  • Post medical screening (medical check up requirement after obtain eVAL) should be done within 7 days with EMGS panel clinic upon arrival in Malaysia and you are require to submit the medical slip and your passport to Visa Unit at least 14 working days before your Social Visa (Entry stamp to Malaysia) expires. Late submission of your passport will require you to pay a penalty of RM 1200 (new students) and RM 1700 (alumni).
  • You are require to re apply as new student if your eVAL has expired. Please note there is no extension for eVAL renewal.
  • As required by the Malaysian government, international students MUST undergo two sets of health examination/medical check-up:

    • First health examination (pre medical screening) which should be done before apply your eVAL for student pass in origin country. Please refer to this link to check EMGS panel clinic in your origin country.
    • Please note that it is compulsory for students from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to attend medical screening at an EMGS Registered Clinic in their home country.
    • Second health examination (post medical screening) which should be done after obtain eVAL within 7 days upon arrival to Malaysia.
  • The eVAL is your letter from the Immigration allowing you to study in Malaysia.
  • Single Entry Visa is a stamp or sticker in your passport issued by the Malaysian Embassy

Immigration Advice for International Students

The International Students Club serves the needs of our growing population of students from overseas. Their purpose is to help international students like you adapt to the life at the University and in Malaysia, as well as help you get the most out of your stay by organizing a wide range of extracurricular and cultural activities.

Social/Tourist Pass

It is ILLEGAL to study in Malaysia under a social or tourist pass. Students are NOT ALLOWED to enter the country via any other pass other than the student visa. The University is NOT ALLOWED to convert social or tourist pass into student visa.

Important Updates

The government has decided that effective 1st January 2014, all foreign students who have their student pass approved MUST obtain a visa to enter the country for the purpose of studying. This decision involves international students from all countries whether or not requiring a visa to enter Malaysia.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 January 2014 04:11.

Student Pass Renewal

Guidelines for Current International Students:

To renew your student pass, please bring your passport to the International Student Services Department (ISSD) at least 90 days before the expiry date of your visa. An administrative cost will be charged for students who do not renew within the allowed period.

Please also make sure you have a valid insurance before applying for your student pass renewal.

No of day(s) before expiry date Admin charges (RM)
Less than three (3) months RM 1,700

Fill out the student pass and immigration forms provided by ISSD. The supporting documents you need to provide are as follows:

  • One (1) passport-sized photograph
  • Receipt of tuition fee payment (one year's fees for a one-year student pass)
  • Immigration fee for student pass renewal (the fee varies from country to country)
  • Three (3) full sets of passport copy: the main page and visa page in colour

Note: It takes around two months to process a student pass renewal, according to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).

The approval of your student pass renewal is subject to:

  • Passport: Your passport should have at least 18 months of validity.
  • Attendance: You should have an attendance equal to or more than 95% upon first renewal and at least 80% on subsequent renewals. If you were absent for three (3) consecutive days in class, you need to provide a valid reason to the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • Academic results: You must have a minimum 2.00 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). Anyone having less than a 2.00 CGPA will have to reapply, leave the country, and enter Malaysia with a new VAL.
  • Please note that the Immigration Department of Malaysia has the right to cancel a student pass based on poor academic results and attendance.

Guidelines for Transfer Students from Other Colleges:

  • If you are a student who wishes to transfer to our University after receiving your student visa for another college, you will need to get the Immigration's approval to cancel that visa. Students holding a valid pass under one college are not allowed to study in another.
  • Students who have less than three (3) days visa validity (shortened/special pass) need to leave the country upon submitting all relevant documents to our visa department. You have to be outside Malaysia while waiting for your VAL to be approved.
  • Once approved by the Immigration, the University will send your VAL. You are required to go to the nearest Malaysian Embassy (preferably in your home country) to obtain a Single Entry Visa.
  • Except for Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) students below 22 years old, students are not allowed to study under any kind of visa except student visa.

Not Allowed to Work with a Student Pass

International students are NOT ALLOWED to work in Malaysia. You are also NOT ALLOWED to engage in any business activities, directly or indirectly. You can be deported immediately for doing this.

Defer Studies

If you defer your studies, you will need to have your student pass cancelled. Please get advice from ISSD before purchasing a ticket. You will need to report back to ISSD with your ticket three (3) weeks before departing. Failure to comply may result to ISSD lodging a police report and notifying the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia to cancel your student pass.

Return Home/Holiday

If you wish to return home or go on holiday, you must submit your passport to ISSD three (3) months before the expiry date of your student pass. You will also need to show ISSD a copy of your ticket two (2) weeks before departure.

In the event of an overstay

Overstaying for less than seven (7) days

  • If you overstay for less than seven (7) days, you must write a letter to the Immigration Department of Malaysia explaining why you did not renew your student pass.
  • You must be present at the Immigration with an ISSD representative to submit the application form.
  • You will receive a warning letter from the Immigration and will be required to pay a penalty of RM 1,700.

Overstaying for more than seven (7) days

  • If you overstay for more than seven (7) days, you must write a letter to the Immigration Department of Malaysia explaining why you did not renew your student pass.
  • You must be present at the Immigration with an ISSD representative to submit the application form.
  • Overstaying charges:

    • 1-3 months - RM 1,700
    • 3 months above - RM 3,700 and flight ticket to home country
      Note: You will also need to wait for new VAL.

Need assistance?

New and transfer students should consult with Limkokwing University's marketing counsellors. Current students with visa concerns should enquire with ISSD. We may also be reached at visa@limkokwing.edu.my

When you have a new passport

If you renew or change your passport, you will need to transfer your student pass to the new passport. Your student pass is not valid in old/cancelled passports. Please consult immediately with ISSD.


If you are withdrawing from your studies, you must report to ISSD one (1) month prior to your departure, fill out the withdrawal form, and obtain approval for the deposit refund. You will need to bring your return ticket (and a photocopy of the return ticket) for Immigration processing.

General Information

International Student Services Department (ISSD) Business Hours:Monday to Friday8.30am to 5.00pmSaturday8.30am to 12.00pm

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