The distinguishing flavours of Jakarta are a culmination of the geography and the cultural diversity that is prevalent in Indonesia, making the cuisine one of the most unique in the world. The charm is in the simplicity, with the culinary infusion of roots, spices, grasses, and leaves adding that distinct gusto to most dishes.

The widespread use of chilli peppers may deter the less gastronomically-adventurous to believe that all Indonesian dishes are spicy and hot. Divergently; coriander with a faint orange flavour, cumin and ginger are the most commonly used and they are relatively mild spices.  The use of contrasting flavours such as spicy, sweet or hot sauce served over a bed of plain rice is quite common practice in preparing food and this particular dish is a local favourite.

With the almost unending selection of local and regional specialties from Jakarta and the whole of Indonesia, available also is an array of international food. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, American, French, Middle Eastern, and modern fusion food are a walk or a short drive away from the campus.


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Soto Betawi

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Kerak Telor

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Sate Ayam

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